Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Beginner Fat Loss Resistance Training Routine

Here is my beginner metabolic resistance training routine. It's not perfect and I'm sure professional trainers with serious metabolic resistance training expertise would find all sorts of things wrong, however, this is my starting point. It works for my body where it is today, decently conditioned legs and completely deconditioned upper body.

Because I have some health challenges too, no workout is textbook for me, everything has to be modified. Which is kind of a good thing because this means my routines are great for beginners and not too many of the pros have workouts geared for mushy muscled newbies.

Some people may wonder why I'm so gung ho on fat loss training if I'm not able to really do it full bore. The reason is because I have severe insulin resistance and my weight loss has been stalled for two months now. Studies have shown that this kind of exercise is better at burning off fat and improving insulin sensitivity.

So, on to the workout. Anyone who took my advice to prep with the SHAPE 20 Minute Makeover DVD will recognize it as the inspiration for this workout.

The basic template is:

1. Squat
2. Squat with jump
3. Hold squat postion
4. Rest

There are no repeats in this workout, although you can certainly go back through and work extra sets in if you wish. Since this is a beginner work out, you should adapt it to fit your body and fitness level.

With rest periods, this workout takes about 15-20 minutes. It will burn. You will be out of breath. Don't give up. Push through.

While most of the exercises are basic and well known, search Youtube for how-to on any of the squats or exercises mentioned below. There are tons of videos out there.

Set 1

1. 10 reps of a sit back squat
2. 10 reps of sit back squat with jump
3. 10-30 second hold of sit back squat


Set 2

1. 10 Burpees (this is on Youtube for sure if you haven't heard of this exercise before)


Set 3

1. 10 forward lunges (same leg)
2. 10 jump switches (alternating legs, jump into a lunge squat)
3. 10-30 second hold of lunge.
4. Work the opposite leg.


Set 4

1. 10 side lunge squats (same leg)
2. 10 side lunge squats with a jump
3. 10-30 second hold of squat position
4. Work opposite leg.


Set 5

1. 10 push ups
2. 10-30 second hold of plank position
3. 10 push ups
4. 10-30 second hold of plank position


Set 6

1. 10 plie squats
2. 10 plie squats with jump
3.10-30 second hold of plie squat


Set 7

Note: Skip this set unless you know what a front kick and jumping front kick are.

1.10 Karate front kicks (same leg)
2.10 Jumping Karate front kicks
3.10 repeat leg extensions
4.Work opposite leg.

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